24 March 2020 – ICC extends some deadlines to cope with virus impression

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Worldwide Felony Courtroom premises. Photograph: Wikipedia by way of Bing (CC).

ICC grants requests for deadline extensions resulting from COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic had led to the ICC granting requests for extensions of deadlines for some circumstances with a purpose to handle the fact of the working capability of all events earlier than the Courtroom, and on account of the ICC bodily closing its premise on 17 March 2020. For instance, in three circumstances extensions have been granted for numerous deadlines because of the impact of the pandemic on the operations of the courtroom and the Workplace of the Prosecutor.

Within the case of the Palestine scenario, the Prosecutor submitted an pressing request for an extension of time for the Prosecutor’s response to observations. Within the scenario on the Registered Vessels of the Union of Comoros, the Prosecutor requested an extension for submitting responses to the Software for Judicial Evaluation, for all events and contributors. These requests had been granted in full.

Within the case of Al-Hassan, the Prosecutor provisionally requested an extension for a number of judicial deadlines in preparation for and resulting in the graduation of the trial on 14 July 2020. This request was partially granted, with some deadlines prolonged and others remaining the identical. The beginning date of the trial has not been altered. (ICC Courtroom Document>, ICC Courtroom Document>, ICC Courtroom Document>)


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