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EuropeSpa Blog: What is Water Therapy?

Since vintage instances water has served as a necessary a part of non secular purifications, therapeutic rituals and wonder remedies. However may water’s significance be only a custom that we’ve inherited from our ancestors or does it have actual therapeutic results? And what’s water remedy precisely?

To reply these questions one has to return in time a good distance. As soon as upon a time, some million years in the past to be exact, the traditional, primal sea lined the planet. Minerals, salt, mud, clay and algae we use for remedies in the present day may be traced again to that point. Water is indispensable to Life and all our life will depend on it. The grownup human physique, to offer one instance, consists of 60-70 % of water. As our cells include intracellular fluid and are surrounded by extracellular fluid it’s extremely vital to be accurately hydrated, in any other case the steadiness and performance of cells and organs would capsize. And sure, already our forefathers knew of the useful responses of water therapies.
Hydrotherapy, previously referred to as Hydropathy, is a generic time period for water remedy remedies, which use the bodily properties of water like its temperature and strain. Hydrotherapy can be a set of dozens of water-based remedies: cold and hot compresses, baths, steams, jets, hoses, underwater massages, chilly plunges, Kneipp remedies and even consuming water, that are utilized for relieving ache, treating sure ailments, enjoyable and enhancing common well-being.

Balneotherapy is taken into account a hydrotherapy methodology, which makes use of water –ideally mineral water – for bathing and immersing. A number of physiological adjustments undergo the human physique throughout immersion in water. It includes the renal, respiratory, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, the digestive, the metabolic and the nervous techniques and has cardiac results to the center and circulatory system as properly. These therapies work primarily based on the buoyancy of the water, which helps to cut back the physique weight by 90 %.

Hydrotherapy was utilized in India already 5,000 years in the past! We inherited water, important oil, natural and flower cures from Egypt, which goes again to three,000 BC. Steam and dust tub was favored within the historical Persia already in 600 BC. Regardless of of the truth that these ancestral cultures used a number of water-based therapies, we nonetheless imagine that our hydrotherapy and balneotherapy remedies actually originate from the Greeks.

The normal Roman bathing was explored and developed primarily by the European nations the place the Roman Empire existed, like in in the present day’s Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, France and England.


The therapeutic results of exercising in water are numerous. Listed below are a number of:

  • Helps to stretch and develop muscle tissue
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves steadiness and coordination
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Corrects the skeleton system
  • Promotes the lymphatic system
  • Stimulates the elasticity of the pores and skin
  • Improves the digestive system
  • Enhances cardio capability
  • Eases painful joints
  • Will increase oxygen consumption
  • Improves respiratory and sleeping patterns
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes leisure


Let’s see some examples for water remedy remedies:

Hydrotherapy remedies

  • Vichy showers (affusion bathe, rain bathe): Particular person lies on a desk, water raining down on the complete size of the physique from a number of jets.
  • Scotch Hose (jet, blitz): Excessive-pressured spray is directed to sure areas of the standing physique – from toe to move.
  • Swiss Bathe: The showerhead is pointed over consumer’s head and a number of jets surrounding at varied heights, utilizing totally different strain and pace.


Aquatic Workouts

  • Watsu: (Water + Shiatsu)
  • Jahara: a.) The consumer is floating safely in water, offering physique assist and aquatic bodywork. b.) It consists of micro-adjustments of the structural alignment of the physique. c.) It’s specializing in breath management underneath and above the water.
  • Ai Chi: Deep respiratory and gradual actions are mixed, utilizing a mix of tai chi, shiatsu, watsu and aquatic train.
  • Water Dance: Affected person is taken underneath the water and moved, cradled, stretched, mixed with light therapeutic massage actions.
  • Aqua Wellness: Mixture of light stretching actions and deep tissuemassage.
  • Aquatic health: Treadmills or bikes are positioned within the water and the workout routines are carried out with the identical routine as on the bottom.
  • Aquatic remedy: Bodily remedy is executed in pool with a educated skilled who’s concerned to oversee the bodily rehabilitation. Injured, disabled folks can comfortably train in water.


Meditative water therapies

  • Liquid sound: Underneath and above water gentle and music are used to chill out and calm the exercising and floating physique.
  • Flotation: Utilized in flotation tanks or devoted swimming pools, baths, that are full of salty, thermo-neutral temperature water. Lack of sounds, gentle and gravity takes the physique and thoughts to a meditative state.


Thalassotherapy additionally belongs to water therapies. For extra info please learn one in every of our earlier article “What’s Thalassotherapy”.



As all the time, we must always take note, although, some precautions earlier than taking a water remedy. Open wounds, extreme kidney illness, uncontrolled epilepsy, pores and skin illness, eczema and different infections are contraindications to water therapies.


Photograph: © Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Resort, Greece

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