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Salty air is therapeutic, beautifying, detoxifying and energizing. A number of analysis outcomes verify the useful impression of utilizing salt inside and out of doors of our physique. Not solely water – salt is crucial to life, too.

Written data of frequent use of salt for therapeutic and anti inflammatory functions return till historical Egypt. By now, it’s confirmed that we want salt or its linked components for even the only processes in our physique. Minerals are essential for correct cell perform and metabolism. Definitely, it issues in what kind and high quality we take the prompt salt quantity. As a substitute of desk salt, which dehydrates, we must always use high-purity, structured, mineral-rich ones, just like the Himalaya, Epson, Hunza, Parajd or Lifeless-Sea salts, as they nurture and moisturize the physique.


Salt and the Pores and skin

Increasingly dermatologists and beauty professionals recommend the salt remedy for shoppers affected by psoriasis, eczema or for various therapeutic methods for acne-prone pores and skin as an alternative of utilizing drastic chemical compounds or antibiotic therapies. The pores and skin cleanser and demulcent salt has already supplied efficient options for a lot of to get well from problematic pores and skin circumstances.

The beautifying salt may be utilized in numerous methods relying on the pores and skin concern.

  • Mud: Salty mud masks assist pores and skin regeneration and due to their excellent hydration impression assist the cells’ water provide. Mud is efficiently utilized for connective tissue issues, reduces the indicators of cellulite and the formation of wrinkles. As salt stimulates metabolism and blood circulation it drastically helps pores and skin firming.
  • Scrub: To realize even higher outcome throughout therapies apply salt scrubs and peelings earlier than the therapy, 1-2 instances every week.
  • Bathtub: A detoxifying and energizing salt bathtub is helpful in all seasons.

Versus the misperception, salty water doesn’t dry your pores and skin as conventional foamy scorching baths do, so individuals with dry pores and skin can freely add it to their weekly routine. To place it very merely, salt penetrates the higher layer of the pores and skin by a so-called reverse-osmosis and binds water there.

Undoubtedly, salt remedy can not substitute skilled face and physique therapies, but it surely effectively helps it and quickens our pores and skin’s regeneration course of.


Physique Firming and Firming with Thalassotherapy

The Lifeless Sea is value a go to at the least as soon as in a lifetime. A 2- to 3-days lively recreation on the shore will make you are feeling reborn.

The buoyancy of the water is so super that no extra vitality is required to drift on the water. The salt consistency of the ocean is so excessive – approx. 33 % – that our pores and skin is sort of instantly revitalized and shall be as clean as if it had been ironed. J The salt doesn’t dry out the pores and skin, quite the opposite, when we don’t take a fast bathe after floating a salty oily coating develops on the floor of the pores and skin, which doesn’t even dry within the solar. After all, this excessive salt focus can irritate the pores and skin on the long-term, so I do recommend a fast wash-off. The Lifeless Sea water has an especially robust anti-fungal and anti-viral impression, enhancing the regeneration technique of the pores and skin and wounds. The miracle employee salt doesn’t finish with the pores and skin because it has numerous different well being advantages. For extra info on Thalassotherapy please see our earlier article “What’s Thalassotherapy?”.

Salt Remedy and Well being

The therapeutic utilization of salt, no matter whether or not it’s Speleotherapy (remedy obtained in a naturally shaped salt cave) or Halotherapy (in a man-made cave, often above floor, utilizing pure salt bricks) may be broadly utilized to deal with medical circumstances and to reinforce well-being. The salt stage in our physique impacts our cell exercise, vitality and even the blood sugar stage. For extra info on this matter please see the infographic under.

Tip – Salt Remedy at House

These days, as we use tons of digital gadgets, our dwelling is filled with positively charged particles, which may result in power tiredness, enervation, pale pores and skin and on the long-term to different completely different well being issues. Because of this I like to recommend you to get 1 or 2 salt lamps to ensure that our physique but additionally our shut atmosphere to be stuffed and charged with destructive ions.

Simply take into consideration how nice it’s to take a deep breath and odor the recent air after it has rained – when the air is stuffed with destructive ions. This uplifting feeling may be taken to your property with these helpful salt gadgets. Attempt it!



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