The Totally different Forms of Pranayama and When to Use Them


Yogamatters not too long ago caught up with Therapeutic Holidays>, who plan retreats, spa and wellness holidays throughout Europe, the place you may be taught and apply totally different mindfulness strategies with skilled lecturers. They’ve shared just a few info about Pranayama with us.

Pranayama has lengthy been thought-about a vital side of yoga. This apply focuses on controlling and regulating your respiration by way of particular respiration strategies and workouts. There are three levels to Pranayama, the primary being inhalation by way of the nostrils which is called Puraka. The second is exhalation, generally known as Rechaka and the third is holding the breath in or holding outdoors the physique which is called Kumbhaka.

The phrase ‘prana’ is Sanskrit and means life power; ‘ayama’ means extending or stretching. Thus, the phrase “Pranayama” interprets to the management of life power which is actually what breath is.

Practising Pranayama regularly has many advantages :

  • Improves lung capability
  • Strengthens stomach muscular tissues
  • Lowers blood strain
  • Reduces ldl cholesterol
  • Helpful for sinus points
  • Reduces stress
  • Will increase alertness

The Totally different Workouts of Pranayama and When to Use Them

As a way to focus in your respiration, there are a selection of strategies which are identified to carry your thoughts and physique to focus.

Three Half Breath: Dirga Pranayama

For these looking to start practising Pranayama, this train is ideal. By finishing a three-part breath, it teaches the physique the way to successfully fill and empty the lungs while focusing your consideration on the current second. That is very important if you’re not used to utilizing your full lung capability and is usually a extremely helpful method for relieving stress or pressure in each day life.

Nostril Respiratory: Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is a hatha yoga apply which purifies the power channels of the physique. In the course of the apply of Nadi Shodhana, you’ll block off one nostril, inhaling and exhaling by way of the open passageway previous to switching sides. This may be notably useful for relieving racing ideas or for assuaging anxiousness and stress earlier than falling asleep. Alternate nostril respiration will also be helpful for bettering your capacity to focus originally and finish of a apply.

Ocean Breath: Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi breath acts as a method to calm the sympathetic nervous system while boosting oxygen consumption. As you scale back the quantity of air which passes by way of your throat, you lengthen your breath cycle, so it’s lengthy, full, deep and managed. This apply is commonly utilized in Vinyasa Circulate yoga as it’s extremely highly effective and so can help a vigorous move.

Lion’s Breath: Simhasana Pranayama

Simhasana Pranayama is good for relieving pressure and stress within the physique by way of stretching your whole face, giving move by way of your thoughts and physique. The apply is carried out by reducing the jaw to open the mouth huge, stretching the tongue (don’t know why there’s a spot right here)out and curling it down as you forcefully exhale. This highly effective exhalation is useful for releasing unfavourable feelings comparable to anger and resentment which are sometimes held contained in the physique.

Cranium Shining Breath: Kapalabhati Pranayama

For individuals who are skilled in Pranayama, Kapalabhati is well-known for being an invigorating and warming train. Because it helps to strengthen the diaphragm and stomach muscular tissues while energising the mind, this apply could be helpful for getting ready the thoughts for work that requires focus. That is a complicated respiration train, the place people can turn out to be lightheaded whether it is accomplished incorrectly and so ought to solely be carried out below the supervision of an skilled instructor.

By together with Pranayama as a part of your apply, you’ll start to see the various advantages on a bodily and psychological degree. We’ve mentioned just some of the various totally different strategies for practising Pranayama and so you will need to recognise that when practising any Pranayama method, it needs to be in a protected setting with a certified instructor.


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