Prana: Demystifying Life Pressure Vitality


You’ve in all probability heard the time period “prana” or the phrase “life pressure vitality” sooner or later. However what does this phrase actually imply, and the way does it apply to your yoga observe and life general?

Typically, prana and life pressure vitality are phrases which might be used interchangeably, however what does both really imply?

On this article, we are going to focus on the that means of prana and life pressure vitality, what it’s, the way it impacts our lives, and how one can turn into extra attuned to it.

What Is Prana?

The phrase “Prana” is Sanskrit and may be cut up into two: ‘pra’ means “to exist earlier than” and ‘ana’ means “an atom.”

Due to this fact, prana is “that which exists earlier than an atom.” It’s fascinating to notice that the traditional Indian Vedas> have been accustomed to atoms 1000’s of years earlier than they have been found by modern-day microscopes.

Prana is one thing we can’t measure, we can’t maintain, we can’t style. It could actually solely be felt by the extra delicate layers of our ethereal physique.

But prana is just not distinctive to yoga or the Vedas. In reality, the idea of prana exists in lots of cultures. The Chinese language name it “chi” or “qi,” which is the place qi-gong comes from.

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The Japanese name it “ki,” the Maori tradition calls it “mana” and the Greeks referred to as it “pneuma.” Even the Bible had a phrase for prana, which is “holy spirit.”

These are all completely different phrases for a similar factor we really feel universally, no matter cultural or non secular background: vitality.

Prana is one thing we can’t measure, we can’t maintain, we can’t style. It could actually solely be felt by the extra delicate layers of our ethereal physique.

Prana is the vibration between atoms.

Prana can also be usually referred to (notably in yoga) as life pressure vitality. It exists in every single place and all issues. Issues which might be stuffed with prana are energetic – take recent fruit for instance. Life pressure vitality is actually beaming throughout the atoms of the fruit.

However even non-tangible issues like a room of individuals deep in meditation is filled with prana – it’s concerning the vibration that the room emits.


Prana, Life Pressure Vitality and Energetic Vibrations

You’ll have heard the phrases “low vibration” and “excessive vibration” used to explain individuals, locations or issues. This saying refers to energetic life pressure. Prana is the vibration between atoms.

Excessive vibrational issues are stuffed with prana, emitting love, pleasure and unity. Low vibrational issues lack such vitality and function on a stage of worry, jealousy and/or anger.

Some individuals have a excessive vibration, that means that they emit optimistic vitality. Simply being round them places you in a very good temper as a result of they radiate just like the solar.

Different individuals have a low vibration. This doesn’t essentially imply they’ve stated or carried out one thing flawed, however the aura they exude is just not of life pressure.

Your unconscious picks up on one thing low-vibration about this particular person, whether or not it’s deeper layers of worry, jealousy or anger. These individuals are extra like energetic vampires as a result of they suck your vitality, quite than give it out.

Prana Vitality Is In every single place!

Simply as individuals can have excessive or low vibrations, so can bodily places! Some locations are “excessive vibrational.” Your mere presence on this place fills you up with life pressure and inspiration. Such locations embody forests, seashores, meditation facilities, yoga studios and/or temples.

Different locations are “low vibrational.” You might really feel burdened, exhausted or depressed simply by being there. These locations may be wherever out of your office to your college to your financial institution, relying in your relationship with such locations.

Meals will also be excessive or low vibrational. A “high-vibe” meal is filled with energetic, residing vitamins, freshly picked from the soil. It hasn’t been overly cooked and is comprised of crops from the Earth.

A “low-vibe” meal is one that’s useless and lifeless. Microwave dinners, chips, sweet and sodas are all low-vibrating meals as a result of they don’t have any pranic life pressure. For this reason we really feel worse after consuming any such meals (if we will name it meals in any respect).

The Fashionable Take On Prana and Life Pressure Vitality

Prana, or your life pressure vitality, is throughout and inside you. It’s in all places. Simply as our ideas create our actuality, our intentions and the best way we stay our lives straight impacts our prana. Every thing is vitality, and like attracts like.

Finally it’s as much as you whether or not you select to stay a “excessive vibration” or “low vibration” life by means of the ideas you suppose, phrases you communicate, meals you eat, and so forth.

Simply as sure individuals, locations or issues can both fill you with life pressure vitality or drain you of it, the alternatives you make it in the case of your bodily, psychological, and religious wellbeing all straight impression your prana.

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